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Welcome to KosherKouponz, the daily stop for the best offerings on all things Kosher!!


Every morning our subscribers find a new and exciting Koupon waiting for them in their inbox providing savings for the kosher subscriber. Kouponz  consist primarily of discounts at local establishments, coupled with broader offerings including  savings on goods and services from Manhattan to Israel.


KosherKouponz is now proud to offer the opportunity to highlight your particular offering, even when you are not the deal of the day, through our new banner  ads. This way, you don’t have to wait to have our members learn about your products or services. You provide a deal for our members and your ad will link to the promotion or directly to your site.

And our introductory pricing is even better.

Contact us at for further information and get your business on KosherKouponz. There are limited spaces, so don’t wait.


In this world of viral marketing, your business will receive extensive exposure and will be seen by thousands of viewers to KosherKouponz every day you post your ad.

FAQs (For Merchants)

 FAQ's for Merchants

When should I expect payments from KosherKouponz?

After Kosher Kouponz receives payment for your offer, you will receive payment as per the agreed schedule.


How will I know who purchased my Koupon?

The day after your deal, you will receive a report indicating the name and voucher number for each purchaser of your deal.  This list will enable you to indentify each Koupon.  You should require each member to provide identification prior to redeeming the Koupon.


How much will it cost me to participate?

There is no cost to promote your offer.  We only get paid a portion of the purchase price of the Koupon.  If the deal doesn’t go active, you pay nothing.


What if I want to offer my deal in different cities?

When you submit your application you should designate the cities you service and we will let you know which cities in which we can include your offering.  Please understand we have many inquiries and since we only highlight one per day, we have to be selective.


Who decides how long the Kouponz are good for?

Kouponz are effective for as long as you want them to be.  You chose the actual deal including the value and the time limit.


What happens when Koupon expires?

If the Koupon is not redeemed by the expiration date, you have no obligation to honor the Koupon.


If I do additional business with the purchaser of the Koupon, do I owe anything to KosherKouponz?

No.  KosherKouponz hopes to bring you new customers who will provide you revenues for years to come.

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