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Frequently Asked Questions

What is group buying and how do I get in on the deal?

Group buying is a fabulous way to get what you want at a big discount. Because we guarantee our merchants will sell large volumes of their products/services in a very short time frame, they offer great promotions. To take advantage, all you have to do is click the “Buy Now!” button and you’ll be counted as part of a “group”. You do not have to form a group yourself; anyone who signs up for the deal counts. Once the minimum number of people sign up for the same deal, you all reap the benefits!

Why are the deals so good?

Because we provide vendors, opt in customers who want to buy their product. The more buyers we can deliver the better the deals. The deals are win-win: our merchants get new customers, advertising on our site and large volumes of buyers; in return, our customers get a great deal. Since we avoid storing inventory and save businesses lots of advertising costs, we all get to save compared to paying up for retail.

Does it cost me anything to create an account or sign up for your mailing list?

No. there are no obligations, ever. But until you sign up, you won't receive emails describing our deals and you can't get credit for inviting a friend.  All deals run for a limited time, so get in before they’re gone!

Once I click “Buy Now!”, when will I be charged and when will I receive my Koupon(z)?

When you click to get in on the deal, if the deal is "tipped" you will be charged immediately. You will receive an email with a link to your "My Account" page, where you can print your Koupon. If the deal is not yet "tipped", you will receive an email (be sure to check your SPAM filters)  indicating you are committed, but not yet charged. Only after the minimum group signs up for the deal will we charge your card. Once the deal tips, you will be able to go to your "My Account" page and print the Koupon.

You may also access your Koupons by logging in to KOSHERKOUPONZ, clicking on  the “My Account”  tab at the top of the page.

If the deal minimum is met (or a deal that has reached the minimum has successfully ended) and you’ve waited more than 4 hours but still don’t see your Koupon listed in your “My Account” page, please use the “contact us” form to let us know, or email us:

Do I need to print my Koupon?

Unless otherwise noted on the voucher itself, you must print the voucher and present it to the merchant. Please make sure you have access to a printer before purchasing. To print your koupon follow these instructions:

The koupons should be available to print by following these instructions.

1. go to

2. Go to My account

3. Log in with your password

4. Actions

5. View.

 This will bring up all purchases you have made and you will be able to print the koupon.

When can I first use my Koupon(z)?

This information will be printed on your Koupon and you can find it in the deal “Fine Print” section on the deal page. Kouponz can typically be redeemed the next day, unless otherwise stated.

When will the Koupon expire?

The expiration date is listed under the “Fine Print” of every offer. The expiration date will also be stated on the Koupon. This expiration date is binding, except where prohibited by law.

Is an ID required to redeem my Koupon?

Yes, please always bring a valid government ID with you when redeeming your Koupon. If you give a Koupon to someone as a gift, that person should bring his/her ID when redeeming. The merchant may record your name and address to prevent fraud and counterfeiting.

How many Kouponz will I receive if I buy a package deal?

For packages that include several different products or services, you will typically receive a separate Koupon for each product or service.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. The Koupon(z) you will receive by email are issued by the merchant, not us. You should address all issues with the products or services you receive to that merchant (unless of course it is a problem with our website). However, if you are unable to contact the merchant after attempting to do so, please contact us at

Are the Kouponz transferable?

Yes, they are fully transferable, unless otherwise noted, so you can give them as gifts or resell them (while following all applicable laws).

Do you have a privacy policy?

Of course! Privacy is something we take very seriously at KOSHERKOUPONZ. Check out our full Privacy Policy for all the details.

Is my credit card information secure?

Absolutely. We use a fully encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

I missed yesterday’s deal, can I still join it?

Unfortunately, no. Each KOSHERKOUPONZ deal has a very specific window of availability. We may do a similar deal in the future, but we offer no guarantees, allow no backorders, and have no waiting/notification lists. So check every day to make sure you don't miss any exciting deals.

How do I reap the benefits of these great deals?

Be sure to be the first to hear about our deals by signing up now! And be sure to tell all of your friends, since you’re not getting this great deal unless the minimum is reached. The whole process is quite simple: sign up, spread the word, receive your Koupon via email, come back tomorrow, and do it all again. Fun, free and easy!

I referred a friend…When will I receive my credit?

In order to receive the referral credit, your friend(s) must sign up for a KOSHERKOUPONZ account through the link provided in the referral email. Once they have an account and make their first purchase, a $3 credit will be automatically put in your account. You can only receive one credit for each new member. To refer a friend please look near the BUY NOW button. You will see share, with links to facebook , twitter and an envelope for email referrals.

If your friend signs up and buys, you will receive a credit of $3. Unused credits expire after 180 days .



What if I buy a Koupon from a merchant who goes out of business?

We stand behind the Merchants we highlight on KosherKouponz. If one of our merchants does go out of business, we will refund you the cost of your unexpired Koupon(z).

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